CEO Mc Claude Emmanuel leads Saint Lucia's CIP to remarkable success
CEO of Citizenship by Investment Programme of Saint Lucia - Mc Claude Emmanuel
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Castries, Saint Lucia: The efficiency of the citizenship by investment programme (CIP) of Saint Lucia has been evolving with the passing of time, and for this, the CEO of the unit – Mc Claude Emmanuel, is accredited.

Investors and high-net-worth individuals have been turning towards the CIP Saint Lucia as it offers and provides numerous business as well as individual benefits. The programme has been emerging as an ideal destination for a safe and secure investment, to connect businesses globally and for living in a tranquil and peaceful environment.

Saint Lucia launched the programme in the year 2016, becoming the latest in the Caribbean region. Despite being the newest, it has become one of the most-demand citizenship by investment programmes.

The programme has been recognised for providing various benefits, including:

1. Safe and secure business environment: Being the second largest economy in the Caribbean region, Saint Lucia offers a safe and secure place to invest and grow business.

2. Connectivity to major business hubs: Saint Lucia is prominently known for its connectivity to 14 major business hubs, assisting in wealth planning and portfolio diversification.

3. Political Stability: The country is regarded as one of the nations which is politically stable. In this world of uncertainties, Saint Lucia can be a perfect and ideal choice to live in.

4. Beauty at its best: Pristine beaches and lush green mountains of Saint Lucia make it a destination everyone dreams of. The tranquillity and ambience of the nation make it an ideal honeymoon destination.

5. Invest with efficiency: The process of investing in CIP is efficient, transparent and integral. An investor or applicant can contribute to the citizenship by investment programme of Saint Lucia through four investment options:

a. National Economic Fund
b. National Bond Action
c. Real Estate
d. Enterprise Project

It is to be noted that the government and the citizenship by investment unit keeps a special focus on due diligence procedure and background checks. The Minister of Tourism, Investment and Creative Industries – Dr Ernest Hilaire, emphasised that each and every application will undergo strict and robust checks so that the credibility of the programme is not taken for granted.