CEO of citizenship by investment unit of Saint Lucia - Mc Claude Emmanuel

Mc Claude Emmanuel pushes Saint Lucia CIP to new heights

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The citizenship by investment programme (CIP) of Saint Lucia has emerged as a perfect plan for the investors and high net worth individuals (HNWIs) who are looking to invest in a safe and secure environment. The programme has upheld its position under the guidance of CEO of citizenship by investment unit Mc Claude Emmanuel.

CIP Saint Lucia has established itself as one of the most sought-after and reputed programmes around the world. It is renowned for providing opportunities to possible candidates to seek residency in this beautiful and mesmerizing island nation.

CIP Unit Head Emmanuel has also brought ideas and strategies which focused on the growth of the programme. Under his innovative leadership, the citizenship by investment programme of Saint Lucia has reached greater heights, despite being the newest in the Caribbean region. The programme was launched in the year 2016 and is counted as one of the newest investment immigration programmes across the globe.

It is worth highlighting that the programme has obtained such momentum because of its robust and stringent due diligence procedures, according to the CEO Claude Emmanuel. During an interview, he outlined that the unit works closely with a third-party international firms to conduct background checks and due diligence procedures.

He also noted that every applicant is screened, vetted and assessed thoroughly to make sure that due diligence is not compromised. Claude Emmanuel was quoted saying, “We insist on granting citizenship to people who can add value to our country, and don’t put our brand to any disrepute.”

Focusing on the ‘Beyond the Passport’ initiative of the government of Saint Lucia, Emmanuel highlighted, “I believe that promoting St. Lucia ‘Beyond the Passport’ has the potential to attract even more foreign Investments instead of just getting the investment for the programme or citizenship.”

To make Saint Lucia one of the prime choices among the investors and HNWIs, the unit announced some of the amendments that have been effective as of January 1, 2023. The amendments introduced are as follows:

– The Replacement Fee for a lost/damaged certificate has been increased to US$500 from US$100.
– Developers will have to pay a fee of US$7,500, which is inclusive of due diligence and background checks while applying for CIP-approved real estate or enterprise projects.
– The investment amount into Saint Lucia National Economic Fund will also be increased for additional dependents aged twelve months or below, i.e. from US$500 TO US$5,000.
– The investment in the real estate option has been reduced to US$200,000.

Along with these amendments, the CIP unit and the government of Saint Lucia also introduced ‘Bond Offer’. This investment option allows an individual to purchase a non-interest-bearing government bonds. The minimum contribution under this option is US$300,000 and the administrative fee for the same will be US$50,000.

Saint Lucia citizenship by investment programme – CBI Index 2023 ranking

In the year 2023, the citizenship by investment programme of Saint Lucia has regained the second position for a second consecutive year in the CBI Index 2023. The programme scored 80 percent to bag the third position.

The points earned by the CIP Saint Lucia in nine pillars of excellence are as follows:

Standard of Living: 06
Freedom of Movement: 07
Minimum Investment Outlay: 10
Mandatory Travel/ Resident: 10
Citizenship Timeline: 09
Ease of Processing: 08
Due Diligence: 07
Family: 09
Certainty of Product: 06