Mark Brantley in Rome to attend 10th Latin America and the Caribbean Conference

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St Kitts and Nevis: The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Aviation of St Kitts and Nevis and Premier of Nevis – Mark Brantley attended tenth Latin America and the Caribbean Conference in Rome, Italy. The conference focused on the discussion related to critical issues of bilateral and multilateral relevance to Colombia and St Kitts and Nevis.  

The tenth conference was held under the theme of “People, Planet, Prosperity. The future of an age-old partnership”, being held at Farnesinain in collaboration with the Italy-Latin American Institute (ILAI) in Rome. 


Various Ministers and the Vice Ministers of the Caribbean region and Latin America also participated in the tenth conference. Italy-Latin American Institute (ILAI) was established in the year 1966 with the motive to promote and encourage relations between Italy and the nations of Latin America. 

A special event was also organized on Monday in order to open the conference. As per the meeting schedule, comprehensive discussions on the conference will start on Tuesday morning with an opening plenary session, in which Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Di Maio will also participate. 

The presence of Italy in the Latin American region is noteworthy as many people of Italian origin live in Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru and Chile.  

 Once the plenary session will be completed, then the conference will move to the discussions in three interactive theme panels, in which the participating nations will hold discussions on centre areas of the G20‘s aims in terms of relaunching three areas, that are – “People, Planet and Prosperity”. 

Italy has also made several investments in Latin American, particularly in the – energy field, has significant historical & economic relations to Central and South America.  

There is also a powerful collaboration between Italy and countries such as – Colombia & Mexico in combating drug trafficking & organized crime due to links between the Italian mafias and criminal organizations (such as drug cartels) in the Americas. 




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