Jamaican tourism ministry on mission to upgrade 10 beaches, foster tourism

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Jamaica: Minister of Tourism of Jamaica, Edmund Bartlett, has announced the upgrade of 10 local beaches of the island nation with the help of the Tourism Enhancement Fund. This upgrade project will be conducted under the Beaches Development Programme. 

The primary objective of the Tourism Enhancement Fund is to promote the island nation as a perfect tourism destination for all travellers by offering and creating multiple facilities, ensuring their travel is filled with beautiful memories, fun and comfort.

Jamaica’s pristine beaches are not just breath-taking but also a crucial asset for the tourism industry of the nation. The administration has shared its vision of ensuring natural treasures are made accessible and enjoyable for every traveller of the island nation.

A major improvement will be witnessed in each beach which includes, Watson Taylor Park in Hanover, Alligator Pond in St. Elizabeth and many more. The authority shared their idea to include a children’s play area, lifeguard towers, picnic spots and many other facilities in order to make beaches appealing and entertaining for visitors of all ages.

The upgradation of the beaches will attract many visitors and will also create several job opportunities for the local citizens which will play a key role in improving the standard of life and living.

All these transformations are likely to witness a surge in the tourism sector of the country. Also, the authorities of Jamaica are constantly making efforts in order to develop the nation as a perfect destination spot.

These improvements will not only enhance the tourism sector but also the country’s economic conditions, which will further lead to the growth and development of the nation.

The continuous efforts to promote the tourism sector are visible in the actions of authority. The Tourism Ministry and Tourism Enhancement Fund are creating spaces for the visitors of the island nation so that all travellers can celebrate the beauty of the island nation.

Several residents of the country also took to their social media accounts and expressed their excitement about the upgrade of the beaches.

One person with a Facebook account Sainty876 commented “Awesome…looking forward really soon to see Alligator Pond, Crane Rd Beach Park and Font Hill Beach Park in St. Elizabeth.”

Another person commented the following “Looking forward to exploring all these beaches, would be great fun to come here with family and friends, great work by authorities.”

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