Jamaica named as Global Destination of Year, marks surge in tourism sector

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Kingston, Jamaica: It is a proud moment for Jamaica’s tourism industry as the island nation has been named the Global Destination of the Year at the renowned international travel show ITB Berlin. 

This recognition marks the unwavering commitment and dedication of the tourism industry in establishing the island nation as a perfect destination for all travellers. Notably, the award was presented to Jamaica by the Pacific Area Travel Writers Association (PATWA) on Wednesday.

Pacific Area Travel Writers Association is a non-profit organization that serves as a catalyst for the development of the tourism industry. These awards acknowledge the achievements and excellence of the Ministers working in the tourism sector for its growth and development.

Additionally, the Tourism Minister of Jamaica, Edmund Bartlett was also named the Global Tourism Icon for his outstanding contribution to the tourism industry.

Such kind of recognition sheds light on the vital measures and steps being taken by the tourism authority in order to boost the tourism sector and welcome a maximum number of international travellers to the island nation. 

Edmund Bartlett accepted the award and extended gratitude on behalf of the entire nation. He said, “Jamaica is known for its food, music and indeed love so we are grateful to be recognized for these experiential offerings to our travellers that provide meaningful and wonderful memories.”

He also added that PATWA is one of the biggest honours to acknowledge excellence in the tourism sector and such recognition truly emphasised Jamaica as the best romantic, honeymoon and wedding destination.

The tourism industry is considered the backbone of any country and improvement in the tourism sector directly plays a crucial role in enhancing the economic conditions of the country.

Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Picture Credits: FB accounts

Jamaica will also be celebrating its Carnival season in the months of March and April, which will witness the arrival of a large number of travellers. Such events not only stimulate the island nation as a destination spot but also promote the vibrant culture and traditions of the country.

Jamaica is also known for its soca and dancehall music which fosters the musical heritage of the nation. Along with that, the local and delicious cuisines offered by the island nation also a huge role in enhancing the culinary tourism of the country.

This is not the first time that Jamaica has been awarded for its unique tourism facilities. The country has been acknowledged several times for its excellent tourism services.

Several residents of the community took to their social media accounts to appreciate the tourism ministry and extend congratulations for their remarkable contributions.

One person with a Facebook account Kim Brown commented “Edmund is one of the greatest tourism ministers Jamaica has ever seen only minister in that cabinet that’s working.”

Another person with a Facebook handle Constance Nugent commented the following “I am proud and have immense faith in my beautiful country Jamaica and the people who keep her beautiful and inviting.”

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