Jamaica: Two men robbed more than $500,000 from Little Caesar Pizza

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Westmoreland, Jamaica: Two men armed with knives held a robbery at Little Caesar Pizza Place in Negril and made a good escape by robbing more than $500,000. It is to be reported that the burglars also robbed the woman working at the establishment.

As per the reports on Sunday, while the worker of the Little Caesar Pizza Place was closing the restaurant. Subsequently, two burglars possessing knives forcibly entered the place, and one of the suspects held a knife to the throat of the worker and stole her purse, which contained several valuable documents and $10,000 cash.  

Moreover, the suspects also robbed $500,000 from the cash register and fled away from the scene after conducting a robbery of such a huge amount. Following the act of crime, the authorities were informed about the incident, and they responded to the matter immediately by visiting the crime spot. 

The authorities are currently probing the matter in detail and have promised to find the culprits as soon as possible in order to punish them for the offense they committed. 

Several residents of the community took to their social media accounts and expressed their views about the robbery that they place. One person commented “Thank god, the lady is safe, such kinds of crimes are very dangerous, hope the authorities take some serious actions against this.”

Another person commented the following: “Authorities, where are you? The crime rate is increasing in this country; some are attempting robberies, while some are killing people. The Westmoreland place has also become a serious cause of concern; people are not safe here.”

The residents of the community have requested the Jamaican authorities to take stringent actions to tackle the surge in the crime rate in the country. The administration of the island nation has also promised that they will conduct search operations in order to provide safety and security to the residents of the island nation.

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