HelpAWS shares heart-wrenching story of two new pups

HelpAWS shares heart-wrenching story of two new pups

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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, a Saint Lucia-based dog shelter, shared a heart-wrenching story of newly welcomed pups, which were brought to them by a local from a gutter.

“Imagine being left for dead in a gutter, with no one to notice you, no food around to fill your empty bellies, but thankfully someone heard their cries. That’s how our two new babies were found. We can’t imagine how long they’d been there all alone. We are so happy they’re okay, considering the heavy showers we’ve been experiencing lately on the island,” the dog shelter expressed through social media.

It furthermore mentioned that they look to be about five weeks old, barely old enough to be away from their mom and completely covered in ticks and fleas with bellies full of worms.

“It breaks our hearts time and time again to see such small and innocent souls alone and thrown away like garbage. These babies have so much left to give and so much love to provide and receive, and we will make sure they get just that, even though their start in life wasn’t the best,” the organisation stated, adding, “These two pups are going to get the best care, love and attention from all of us. Their new chapter has just begun, and we can’t wait to see them thrive!”

Additionally, it appealed to the general public to come forward and welcomed them to extend support for the betterment of the country.

“In order for us to give our newest addition the best care they deserve, we need your help and donations. We’re always so grateful for all the donations we continue to get, so thank you. If you would like to help donate towards these two new babies’ care and all our fur babies, donations can be sent via Etransfer, PayPal or Zelle to or via Venmo @helpaws,” it stated.