HelpAWS welcome two kittens, appeals for donation

HelpAWS welcome two kittens, appeals for donation

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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, the Saint Lucia-based animal welfare organisation, protected two little kittens who were found crying in a garden. The organisation outlined that the animals were away from their mum and were hungry and stressed when they met with the organisation.

“Today, we took in two kittens. Two babies who are under a month old and barely old enough to be away from their mom. They were found in a neighbour’s garden crying out for help, no doubt hungry and stressed,” the organisation mentioned through social media post.

Thankfully someone was able to answer their cries and took them in for a short while until she could get them to HelpAWS. They were originally a litter of three, but one of the babies found what the volunteers of the organisation could only hope would be their forever family on their way to the shelter.

Many have the common misconception that because cats are more independent creatures, they don’t require the same care that dogs or other animals do, and that’s not the case mainly when they are so young, the animal welfare shelter mentioned.

“We are thrilled that we have babies in our care. Even though they don’t have their mom anymore, they have us, and we will take the very best care of them and watch as they flourish and grow into beautiful babies until they’re ready to move on and find their forever families,” HelpAWS stated.

While highlighting the increasing number of animals, the organisation raised concern and outlined, “These new additions bring our total number of animals to 77 in the shelter. We wouldn’t be able to take care of these babies and so many others if it wasn’t for our village.”

It added, “Please consider donating to help us take care of our newest additions and all of the babies in our care. Donations can be sent via Etransfer, PayPal or Zelle to or via Venmo @helpaws.”