HelpAWS introduces Dusty to the world!

HelpAWS introduces Dusty to the world!

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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS has introduced the newly admitted pup – Dusty. While introducing him to the world, the organisation informed, “Say hello to Dusty! He is a beautiful pup from St. Jude’s litter. He and his two brothers were brought to us after the owner no longer wanted them and dumped them near a busy roadside.”

In addition to this, it mentioned that, unfortunately, they lost their 4th sibling due to the heavy traffic. They were covered in ticks and fleas, but thankfully they were brought to a vet who took care of them prior to getting to the organisation.

Dusty is an absolutely adorable pup who is extremely loving and kind. Dusty has always been the more reserved pup and is always hanging out and observing his surroundings. He enjoys the company of people so much that as soon as he sees you, he will come up to you and give you a kiss and a tail wag and sometimes even try to share his toys with you. He has the most beautiful eyes, which are sure to capture the hearts of anyone he meets and the most reassuring smile, according to the dog shelter.

In addition to this, it mentioned that this little guy also has a quirky personality which shows especially when he has his favourite toys around. Dusty is a sweet boy who is an extremely loyal sibling, which would make him a great addition to any home with other kids- human and furry. He would also make a great first dog for any first-time pet owners. This adorable pup is currently in foster care but is looking for his forever family, and we know he would make a great addition to yours.

While concluding, it asked the general public to support and donate for the betterment of the little doggies. “This sweet, kind, happy-go-lucky little guy is ready to be scooped up and spoil you with all his puppy love and attention; if he sounds like the pawfect pup for you, then visit our website at,” it stated.