HelpAWS alarm over rising shelter puppy population seeks community support

HelpAWS alarm over rising shelter puppy population seeks community support

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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, the dog shelter based in Saint Lucia, raised concern over the increasing number of dogs and pups in the organisation.

While raising the concern, the organisation asked, “We always question what it is about particular dog breeds that make people gravitate towards them as opposed to the others. Is it how they look? Is there something different about how they’d act? So many questions we can’t seem to wrap our heads around.”

It further stated that HelpAWS sent off 18 babies to Canada recently who all have been in their care for months but have had zero interest. “Now imagine one pup who’s been in our care for a short period of time, and because of how she looks, got more than 50 adoption applications and counting,” it mentioned.

It expressed that it is heartbreaking and disheartening. These babies have been through tough experiences in only a short time and have come so far, but yet no one wants them. Imagine being rejected not once but time after time because one has not a doodle mix or hypoallergenic or fluffy.

“Would the love they have to give me so much more different?” it further questioned. HelpAWS added that absolutely not! If anything, the love of rescues is something which can’t be explained. They are so loyal, and their love is magical.

The organisation mentioned, “We’re so lucky to have amazing fosters who are able to care for those babies that are still patiently waiting, but it breaks our hearts that no matter how perfect they are, they just don’t seem to be “the look” that most people want.”

It added, “Every dog to us has “the look”, these babies are beyond perfect in their own way. They come to us broken, scared and alone, and we take care of them until they find the homes they deserve, with families who will love them no matter what they look like.”

HelpAWS further outlined that adopting a Helpaws pup means not only an individual saving one life by adopting but also saving a life that comes after and takes the place of the pup one has brought home.

While appealing to the general public to support and adopt, it stated, “Our babies deserve everything, and they’re just hoping for a chance to be loved. Anyone of our adopters will tell you that Helpaws pups are THE BEST! Not only are they the cutest, but they’re also smart, silly, caring and have the most infectious personalities.”