HelpAWS’ owner garners praise

HelpAWS introduces new pup – Air

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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS introduced a pup named Air, who was recently welcomed to the dog shelter after she was abused by some locals.

“Are you looking for a breath of fresh Air? Then you’ve come to the right place,” it noted while welcoming the little puppy to the place.

Furthermore, it introduced the pup and shared her life story before entering the organisation. It mentioned, “Say hello to Air! She and her siblings were brought to us after being abused by locals; we were so happy to be able to bring them into our care after being so hurt and broken.”

HelpAWS added that sadly two of her siblings did not make it, but luckily Air and her brother Rupert fought through, and she is now looking for her forever home.

In addition to this, the dog shelter outlined that although her name is Air, she loves water; safe to say this girl is in Intune with Mother Nature. This adorable little pup loves nothing more than splashing around in it. She also loves squeaky toys. She will carry her favourite toy everywhere with her, and when it’s time for bed, rest assured her toy goes with her!

“She and her brother Rupert are so inseparable and will oftentimes be found snuggling up together, which would make her the best pup for anyone looking for their forever cuddle bug,” the organisation highlighted.

While encouraging the public to adopt the pup and give her a forever home, HelpAWS mentioned the Air is a sweet little pup who would make a great furry companion for anyone and any home. Although this little girl had a hard beginning, it is evident that she deserves the best future, and she is ready to settle in her forever home!