Saint Lucia: Helpaws extends wishes to Canadians on Canada Day, 2023
Saint Lucia: Helpaws extends wishes to Canadians on Canada Day, 2023 || Picture Courtesy: Helpaws

Soufrière, Sanit Lucia: The renowned dog shelter in Saint Lucia, Helpaws, has expressed joy and happiness while extending best wishes to the Canadian residents and citizens on Canada Day on July 2023.

The Helpaws authority has expressed their pleasure on the occasion as Canada is one of the most common destinations, offering homes to the animals in their shelters.

As per the shared updates, to extend heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the Canadians, Helpaws authority has taken to its official social media handle. In addition, in its Facebook caption, Helpaws wrote, “Today is Canada Day! The holiday where Canadians celebrate all the amazing things their country has to offer”.

Meanwhile, through the shared post, Helpaws authority has also noted that about 90% of the animals and pets find wonderful forever families in Canada with utmost care and love for them. In this context, the authorities conveyed immense pleasure and added that “We are so thankful for those who continue to support our cause and welcome these babies into their homes”.

On the special occasion, “Most of our pups fly from Saintt Lucia to Canada, finally reaching their forever homes, and we’re so happy they do! Our babies grow up there”, said the Helpaws while mentioning the significant role being played by the Canadians. “Even in the snow, at first it is a big adjustment, but once they know they’ve found their home, they love it!!!” it added.

Moreover, the officials also outlined, “We also have so many amazing followers and volunteers from Canada; you guys play a huge part in helping us to continue to save as many lives as we do”.

Helpaws further took it to acknowledge their substantial role in supporting the great cause; it noted that “Your continuous support, love and donations are what keeps our doors open and makes us love what we do”.

In the end, the Helpaws concluded, “So thank you to all the Canadians and Happy Canada Day, eh! Whether you’re celebrating with a box of Timbits, at the cottage with some maple syrup, or fireworks with your Helpaws pup, we hope you enjoy YOUR day!”.