HelpAWS introduces cutest little superhero, asks for adoption

HelpAWS introduces cutest little superhero, asks for adoption

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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, a Castries-based dog shelter, introduced their little new pup to the world and appealed to dog lovers to come and adopt the ‘cutest little superhero.’

“Are you ready to meet the cutest little superhero,” the organisation asked while introducing the little one.

“Say hello to our little fighter Bindi; he and his siblings were surrendered by their owner to our shelter after she was unable to take care of them,” she added.

According to the social media update, she had done her best, but sadly, it became too much. These poor pups had gone through a lot which was evident by the worm-filled bellies and scrawny bodies.

Especially, Bindi came to the organisation with somewhat of a disorder, and he could barely walk straight. He had to use his two back legs to hold himself up. Every time he tried to run, he would fall over, or he would be too weak to even stand. His cries were so unbearable at times, and the volunteers of the organisation could tell he wasn’t okay; the organisation mentioned it told the general public about the condition of the little pup.

It added that with proper nutrition, medical care and exercise improved, and now not only can he stand properly, but he can run, jump and play like any other pup.

Furthermore, HelpAWS praised the little fur baby and stated that Bindi has a great positive energy about him; even when struggling, this little guy never gave up trying his best at doing everything. He’s shown so much fight and determination and proven to have such great confidence. He has also shown to be extremely outgoing and a happy-go-lucky guy. He’s overall an incredibly playful and cuddly pup who loves to shower his humans with kisses.

While concluding the update, the organisation stated that Bindi is a little superhero, just as so many other pups are.

HelpAWS further asked the public to come forward and adopt the puppies, assisting the dog shelter. “His loving personality makes him a perfect match for any family, whether you’re a first-time dog owner or have other pets and children. If you would like to adopt the most perfect pup for you, then please visit our website at to fill out an application,” it stated.