Guyana: Health Ministry receives donation of Infrared Thermometres
Guyana: Health Ministry receives donation of Infrared Thermometres

Guyana: The Ministry of Health, Health Sciences Division received a donation of Infrared Thermometers from Food for the Poor Guyana Inc on September 19, 2022 (Monday).

The donation consisted of a total of 525 thermometers which were handed over by Jimeel Davis, Senior Manager of the Gifts in Kind (GIK) Department of the organisation, to representatives from several training facilities of the Health Sciences Division.

The representatives expressed their gratitude as well as an appreciation for the donations since they will benefit the students who are currently enrolled in the clinical training programmes.

Present at this morning’s simple handing-over ceremony was the Nursing Tutor attached to the New Amsterdam School of Nursing, Lester Christian, Coordinator (AG) of the Dental Auxiliary Training Programme, Dr Karen Tai-oy-yong, Senior Tutor from Georgetown School of Nursing, Nurse Shebrena Wilson, Coordinator of the Medex Training Programme, Sarah Daniels, Ms Chandroutie Persaud, Deputy Director, attached to the Health Science Education Department and Ms Georgel Abrams, Senior Health Education Officer.

An infrared thermometer is used to measure an object’s temperature through the body’s thermal radiation. These radiations are known as “black-body radiation”. These are also popular as non-contact thermometres or gun thermometres, as the device can read the body’s temperature from a distance. Knowing the amount and emissivity of infrared energy emitted by the object, the temperature of the body can often be determined within a certain range of its actual temperature. Infrared thermometers are a subset of “thermal radiation thermometers” devices.