Guyana: Ministry of Labour commences training session for Orealla and Siparuta communities
Guyana: Ministry of Labour commences training session for Orealla and Siparuta communities

Guyana: A two-day workshop for residents of the Orealla and Siparuta communities, Region 6, which involved representations from the Ministry of Labour and Tourism and the Guyana National Cooperative Union Limited in interactive training sessions with over one hundred and thirty residents kick started on September 15, 2022 (Thursday).

Residents were very happy with the kept promise of the Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton, who recently visited the area and informed the residents that a team from the labour ministry would visit the community to organize and provide training in cooperatives.


In her opening remarks, Chief Cooperatives Development Officer Debbie Persaud spoke on the Administration of the Department of Cooperatives embarking on Cooperatives Society Reform initiatives and the need for societies to not only recognize the importance of knowing the principles of management but to gain the knowledge and implement sound management of Societies.

She further stated that participants would benefit from the training through the appreciation of key methods in dealing with a society’s resources and how financial controls can be put in place to prevent fraud and corrupt practices.

Today’s programme saw presentations in; –

• Cooperative Societies formation
• Roles and functions of the Committee of Management
• Role of the membership

In addition, several procedures and processes were examined and illustrated that, when utilized correctly, lend to prosperous, resilient, and sustainable societies.

The afternoon session was facilitated by team leader Chetnauth Persaud, Training and Tourism Development Officer of the Ministry of Tourism, with a focus on supervisory management, highlighting the importance of teamwork, effective leadership, and conflict resolution.