Gunfire at Vieux-Fort, claims life of Charles Victor & injures one woman

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The island reported its 8th Homicide on Monday as the police discovered a motionless body of Charles Victor lying along a concrete path at West-hall Group, also known as ‘The Mange, Vieux-Fort.’

According to the reports, the deceased was identified to be from Mon Repos at Micoud. Residents around the area heard the intermittent automatic gunfire sound, and they immediately reported the matter to the police. 

Upon arrival at the scene, the law enforcement officers found the body of Victor, who had suffered multiple wounds to his torso, which proved fatal for the male victim. He succumbed to his injuries, and a medical practitioner confirmed his death.

If sources are to be believed, it is revealed that a woman in her fifties was found to have sustained injuries on her legs during the incident. Fortunately, she was immediately taken to the nearby medical facility and is reported to be in stable condition. 

Moreover, the authorities have said that the fire began at around 9:17 pm and lasted for about 45 minutes. The police are appealing if anybody acquired information regarding the 8th Homicide in the country to contact Vieux Fort Police Station. 

The news has been shared on various social media pages, and many people took to their official Facebook handle to express their concern regarding the rapid increase of crimes in the country.

While reacting to the news, a person named Muhammad Hayan commented, “Again Homicide in saint lucia, every day we hear news of murders, robbery, or other crimes. Stop the crimes! We want a peaceful life with our family. Hang those killers.”

Additionally, recently, the Commissioner of RSLPF, Cruscita Descartes- Pelius issued a statement that the police are working to combat the increase in Homicides in Saint Lucia. 

According to her statement, the RSLPF officers increased their anti-crime exercises and detention rates, along with preventative measures. They are conducting the operations in collaboration with various stakeholders. 

Unfortunately, despite all the efforts and positive strides, a small number of the population continued their criminal activities. Moreover, the RSLPF will continue to mark their involvement in this outright criminality. 

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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