Saint Lucia prepares for dengue season. (Image Credits: Google Images)

Environmental Health Department of Saint Lucia prepares for dengue season

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Saint Lucia’s Environmental Health Department is conducting training exercises in preparation for the dengue season, as cases begin to rise. Senior Environmental Health Officer, Charletta-Charles Leon spoke of the significance of a five-day training exercise held by the department’s Vector Control Unit in November.

Environmental Control Officers were involved in this exercise and were given detailed information regarding the expected rise of dengue. They were also given a refresher course on the chemicals used by the department to combat the increasing mosquito population.

They were also given a detailed description of the best techniques and chemicals that can help them keep mosquito populations under control.

Saint Lucia is well prepared for this situation as it is an eventuality that comes to pass every season without fail. Officers have been making the rounds in local communities checking drums, containers and tires at tire shops to check for stagnant water.

Schools and other public buildings are also being checked to ensure that mosquitos are not able to propagate there and spread vector borne diseases.

According to Rajesh Ragoo, a Senior Technical Officer with the department, stated that the Environmental Health Department is partnering with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to accumulate the funds required to perform the procedures necessary for this endeavor.

The Environmental Health Department is also looking into using environmentally friendly substances to counter the increase in mosquito numbers.

As of now, 54 individuals have been diagnosed with dengue on the island. Hence, the government of Saint Lucia is making an attempt to get ahead of the issue before it becomes a full-blown medical crisis. Through these means, the relevant health authorities in the country are attempting to mitigate the impact of the dengue season by protecting the civilian population before vector borne diseases hit their peak.