Anguilla step towards eradicating mosquitoes. Picture Credits: Google Images

Anguilla initiates fogging exercise to eliminate mosquitoes

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The Environmental Health Unit of Anguilla conducted an island-wide fogging exercise to protect the natives of Anguilla from the scourge of mosquitoes.

This exercise will be practised from 30th October to 7th November 2023 and the nightly session will begin at 5:30 pm.

The Environmental Health Unit has asked all residents to take preventive measures and follow all the required precautions to prevent the harsh or adverse effects of mosquito bites, as they can cause significant illnesses such as:

– West Nile Virus

– Dengue Fever

– Encephalitis

– Yellow Fever

Residents were requested by the Vector Control Squad to eliminate all the places where mosquitos breed and produce their offspring around houses and buildings.

This preventive measure will play a humongous role in controlling the breeding of mosquitoes.

The Environmental Health Union highlights the fact that fogging will help kill only adult mosquitoes, that is why they are urging householders over and over again.

  • To eradicate all the potential sites of breeding from in and around homes
  • Screen cisterns
  • Drain stagnant water
  • Remove all unwanted containers

The reason, behind this initiative is that containers usually accumulate stagnant water which is of no real use. Yet, such containers act as breeding grounds for mosquitos, which can lead to widespread epidemics.

The unit asked householders to keep food items and utensils covered during fogging.

Keep the windows open so that the fog can pass through all the corners of the house to kill all adult mosquitos in the vicinity.

Also, the people likely to get affected due to the fogging process have been asked to move to a different place till the process is complete.

In case of any complications due to the fog, such as irregular breathing, the affected individual should consult a doctor immediately.

The unit requested residents to refrain from intervening with the Vector Control Officers during the fogging exercise.

The fogging schedules from 30th October to 7th November 2023

30th October:

– West End

– Cove Road

– Cul De Sac

– Long Bay

– Rendezvous

– Blowing Point

31st October

– Upper South Hill

– Lower South Hill

– North Hill

– Sandy Ground

1st November

  • Long GroundSwing High
  • Rey Hill
  • Forest
  • Statia Valley
  • George Hill
  • Water Swamp
  • Old Ta
  • Little Harbour
  • Corito

2nd November

– Sachasses

– The Valley North Valley

– Rock Farm

– Katouche

– Roaches Hill

– South Valley

3rd November

  • Cedar Village
  • Tackling
  • North Side
  • May Pen
  • True Eyes

4th November

– Wattices and The Quarter

– Shoal Bay

– Stoney Ground

– Little Dix Cauls Bottom

5th November

  • Sandy Hill
  • Church Gate
  • The Copse
  • Pond Site
  • The Farrington
  • Pond Ground
  • Long Road
  • Sea Feathers
  • East End

6th November

  • Deep Waters
  • The Sea Rocks Island Harbour
  • Bad Cox
  • Chalvilles
  • Welches

7th November

– Harbour Ridge

– The Keys

– Mount Fortune

– Garlin Bottom

– White Hill