Dominica: UWP's plan to hinder International Airport construction revealed. PC: Facebook

Dominica: UWP’s plan to hinder International Airport construction revealed

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Roseau, Dominica: The plan to hamper the construction of the highly-anticipated Dominica’s new international airport by the United Workers Party (UWP) has been revealed during an interview show. UWP leader Thomas Fontaine and former leader Lennox Linton openly discussed about their upcoming strategy of stopping the ongoing developmental work.

Linton and Fontaine claimed that UWP is prepared to take legal action against the in process new international airport of Dominica, with an aim to halt the infrastructural project with court’s order. This step would not only act as a barrier in the airport project but also negatively impact the economy of Dominica.

Currently, the people of Dominica and its administration are still working hard to overcome the impact that Tropical Storm Erika and Hurricane Maria have left on their lives. However, the collaborative efforts of the citizens and the government have set an example by standing strong against all the odds and sailing through them. The initiation of the Housing project, making the island climate resilient so that nothing similar would devastate the country again.

Dominica is on the path of becoming the world’s first climate-resilient nation, this is only possible because of the visionary and realistic approach that the current government led by Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit is implementing. Dominica, a small island developing nation can only develop if the infrastructure is developing.

However, the propaganda that is being run by UWP will harm the growth and development of Dominica and its people. Projects like Dominica’s Cable Car, Tranquility Beach Resort, Geothermal Power Plant, and the new international airport would eventually contribute to the GDP and economic sector of Dominica. Upon completion, the projects will provide employment to the citizens of Dominica by recruiting them and providing them ample opportunities to grow economically.

The opposition’s act is personal evil motive to tarnish the image of Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit led administration and Dominica on the international stage, revealed by sources.

UWP has been continuously coming up with allegations, but without evidences clearly showcase lack of credibility. Such negative tactics clearly state that they are doing this with a political agenda.

Linton recently promoted “Do Nothing” campaign, with the aim to stop people from working and letting them rest at their homes. But the intelligent and hardworking people of Dominica did not support, questioning Linton, “who will take care of the basic necessities, who will pay the bills.”

The new international airport on completion will make Dominica easily accessible and open doors for tourism sector that is the backbone of the nation and will connect lush green and peaceful Dominica with the world.