Spiritual leader Daaji honoured with certificate of excellence at House of Lords luncheon. PC: Twitter

Spiritual leader Daaji honoured with certificate of excellence at House of Lords luncheon

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London: Spiritual leader Kamlesh D. Patel, also known as Daaji was the guest of honor in a remarkable gathering hosted by Lord Loomba CBE at the prestigious House of Lords on May 20, 2024. During the luncheon, Daaji was honoured with the Certificate of Excellence in “Empowering Humanity through Meditation”.

Daaji, a spiritual leader and current guide of Global Guide of Heartfulness in the esteemed gathering of revered guests from all the fields shared captivating insights about global harmony and inner peace. The attendees, including prominent businesspersons, Members of Parliament, and distinguished councilors, were intrigued by his life journey and the impactful work he has done.

The discussions led by the Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Baroness Patricia Scotland were the highlight of the lunch gathering.

Baroness Patricia Scotland is a highly respected diplomat known for her skills and commitment in peacebuilding. She skilfully led the conversation with Daaji, exploring the impact of his work and delving into his life journey.

She also asked him about his landmark retreat in Hyderabad, India. This ashram is one amongst the largest meditation centres in the world, which is considered as a landmark for the spiritual retreats, gatherings, and training programs. During the conversation, Daaji shared the journey of his ashram and referred to the development as “barren, dry land transformed into lush sanctuary”.

Daaji also shared that the retreat centre in Hyderabad is the evidence of the power of collaborative efforts and gave the credit of the success to the community.  As his teachings also revolve around unity, collective efforts, peacebuilding and global harmony.

During the conversation with Daaji, Baroness Scotland endorsed him as the Global Ambassador of Peacebuilding and Faith in the Commonwealth. Such endorsements outline the impactful work and the positive influence his teachings on peace and spirituality are creating.

Baroness Scotland mentioned that their collaborative efforts will surely bring far-reaching change to many Commonwealth countries around the world.

Baroness Scotland with Daaji. PC:Twitter
Baroness Scotland with Daaji. PC:Twitter

Janet Charles, the High commissioner of Dominica also addressed the guests with a heartfelt speech. Speaking of her home country the “Nature Island” and untouched natural beauty that exhibits the idea of peacefulness, she invited Daaji to visit Dominica. She further remarked “my country Dominica resonates with your message of inner peace”.

Praising Baroness Scotland, Charles warmly referred to her as “sister” and fellow Dominican. She also praised about Dominica’s Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit and highlighted his role in Baroness Scotland’s election as Secretary General that sets an example of strong and deep mutual ties within the Commonwealth.

The House of Lords luncheon throughout was filled conversations on fostering inner peace and global harmony. The discussions continued to search for the pathways to overcome the fears and challenges in modern times.

The collective efforts of Daaji and Baroness Scotland are envisioned to foster peace and well-being across the Commonwealth nations by promoting unity and shared humanity.

Daaji’s presence at the House of Lords left everyone in awe of the far reaching impact his teachings and work he has been doing. The meeting gave every attendee a new vision to serve the humanity, to work on inner peace and promote collective actions.

The lunch gathering was not just a celebration of Daaji’s work but also a reminder for all to inculcate the principles of Heartfulness in their own lives.