Commissioning of revolutionary Dominica China Agriculture Science Complex marks new milestone in diplomatic ties. PC: Youtube

Commissioning of revolutionary Dominica China Agriculture Science Complex marks new milestone in diplomatic ties

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Roseau, Dominica: The commissioning of the Dominica China Agriculture Science Complex building on Friday marked another milestone in the two-decade old diplomatic ties between the Commonwealth of Dominica and the People’s Republic of China. Located at the North Agriculture station, Portsmouth, this building is worth around $1 Million and will prove to be revolutionary in the agriculture sector of Dominica. It will also serve as a complex for providing education, research, innovation and knowledge epicentre in the field of agriculture.

The Dominica China Agriculture Science Complex building project has been undertaken in collaboration between the government of the People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Agriculture of Dominica. The commissioning ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, Chinese Ambassador Chu Maoming, Parliamentary Representative Fenella Wenham, Minister Roland Royer and other notable dignitaries.

While addressing the ceremony Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit highlighted the significant benefits the complex would provide and would be beneficial in boosting the agriculture output that would eventually lead to sustainable Agri based jobs and increased incomes of the citizens of the country.

Prime Minister Skerrit also stated that this project would fulfil the food and nutritional demands that are required by the local and global population by increasing the capacity of agricultural output to meet the requirements.

Prime Minister Skerrit outlined that youth and farmers are the major part of any developing nation, so the government is making efforts to teach the young farmers with new technology to make agricultural sector a prosperous sector and major contributor in Dominica’s economy.

The lab is aimed at taking the agriculture sector to a better position by introducing Cutting Edge Tissue Culture Technology, so as to develop disease free planting material.

Additionally, the updated and modern facility will contribute in achieving the 2030 sustainable development goals by meeting the agriculture objectives, also by using the innovative technologies and viable Agri food systems by enabling the production of high quality, disease resistant seedlings.

PM Skerrit called it a proud moment for all the citizens of Dominica. He gave the credit of this success to Dominica’s Ministry of Agriculture and the government of the People’s Republic of China.

Dominica China Agriculture Science Complex. PC: YouTube

PM extended his gratitude to the Government of China for their support towards letting Dominica achieve another milestone and for the decades-long relationship. He further outlined the vision of the government to transform the agricultural economy of Dominica with the regional directive to reduce the food import bill by 25% by 2025. And the government of Dominica is also envisioning to increase the sector’s contribution to the country’s GDP to $700 million by 2030.

PM Skerrit further noted that all the goals would be possible if investments in livestock and crop production, increased access to farms, support to farmers, the use of technology and grants to small Agri processors are involved. 

Fenella Wenham, Parliamentary Representative for the Portsmouth constituency was also present there and motivated the public to visit the new facility and participate in the activities and learn, which will eventually lead to growth in agriculture.

Chu Maoming, Chinese Ambassador to Dominica, said that ever since the exchange of notes signed between China and Dominica in 2019, China has been committed to transforming Dominica’s agriculture sector by contributing to the development of the infrastructure. He further added that this project will contribute successfully in making Dominica the global centre for agricultural research and development.

It is to be noted that the project is expanded to an area of around 4,700 square feet, including tissue culture labs, training centres, offices and apartments for the expert teams. The Dominica China Agriculture Science Complex aims to improve the working conditions of the local farmers and the technical officers. Notably, the tissue culture labs will focus on virus-free seedling breeding technologies, encouraging agricultural development in Dominica.