Dominica Cable Car: Most ambitious construction project in the Caribbean

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The Dominica Cable Car Project is one of the most highly awaited construction projects in the Caribbean, set to be the highlight for visitors of the island nation. Known for its beautiful beaches, and lush landscapes and for offering a relaxing experience, Dominica has long been one of the prime destinations in the Caribbean for vacationers and honeymooners.

The Boiling Lake

One aspect of what the nation has to offer, which has been hidden from most tourist, is Dominica’s Boiling Lake. The lake is located in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, which is recognized as a World Heritage Site.

The Boiling Lake is located 10.5 kms from the capital of Roseau and is the second largest hot lake in the world following the Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand. The lake stretches across an area of 200-250 feet and has greyish blue water that bubbles due to the temperature. The lake’s iconic look is completed by a cloud of vapour that envelopes it, making it a majestic experience that must not be skipped.

The Cable Car Project

What makes the Dominica Cable Car Project stand out is the fact that once complete, it will become the longest active cable car route in the world, an impressive achievement for the nation to say the least.

Since there are no roads that connect the Boiling Lake to main thoroughfares, the project will also allow visitors to get to the lake far more conveniently.

An enthusiast who wishes to go to the Boiling Lake usually has to hike the entire route, which makes it a 13 km round trip. As one can imagine, that is a difficult task to complete, especially considering the fact that the hike passes through difficult terrain.

The Dominica Cable Car Project aims at making the trip a far more convenient affair, that is less time consuming as well. Instead of a 13 km trip to and from the lake, visitors will be able to traverse the distance in a span of minutes.

This is going to benefit Dominica as the project is expected to bring in larger numbers of tourist to the site, making it one of the prime destinations in the nation and the entire Caribbean region as well.

Longest cable car in the world.
Longest cable car in the world.

Progression of the Project

The Dominica Cable Car Project is well under way, as construction along the intended path continues at an impressive pace. The route, which passes through thick vegetation, is a hard area to construct on but the task has been handed to the world’s leading cable car construction firm and has been taken up by them with great zeal and determination.

This is why the project is progressing at an impressive rate as multiple tower foundations have been excavated and filled. The work is intense and strenuous, which is why specialized trucks have been brought in from India to tackle the formidable terrain and carry heavy loads to specific sites in the jungle.

The project is also using helicopters which are equipped to lift constructed towers which are carried into the jungle and placed at the appropriate sites. These towers are very important to the entire endeavor as they will support the structure of the cable cars and ensure their safety.

Dominica Cable Car Project construction site.
Dominica Cable Car Project construction site.

Employment opportunities for locals

The Dominica Cable Car Project has been an immense success in terms of providing a livelihood to local citizens who have taken up multiple roles in the ongoing construction project. These spots are filled by both men and women and pay reasonably well.

Upon its completion, the project will not forsake locals as it will continue to offer jobs to them directly on indirectly. Not only will the cable car need individuals for daily operations and maintenance, it will also offer shops at the base station, an excellent business opportunity in itself.

The project will also attract guides, small businesses and taxi services which will help expand its relevance to locals.

In this way, the Government of Dominica is looking to use this project as a monetary boost for its citizens while also establishing a unique experience for tourist who are unlikely to find anything comparable in the Caribbean.

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