A glimpse into the Caribbean, one of the best travel destinations in the world. (Image Credits: Google Images)

Best islands to visit in the Caribbean in 2024

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The Caribbean has long been the gold standard for tourist attractions, which appeal to honeymooners, water sports enthusiast, beach goers and cruise ship travelers alike. The region has a rich cultural heritage and history, which makes visits to these islands a wholesome experience for those interested in the region’s past as well.

The region plays host to a myriad of cruise liners which bring visitors and tourists to the beautiful ports and beaches of the Caribbean every year during the cruise season.

Internationally recognized cruise travel firms such as Royal Caribbean International, Disney Cruise Line, Allure of the Seas, Princess Cruises etc. make way to the Caribbean every year with some of the largest cruise ships in the world.

Once these cruises arrive in the Caribbean, their passengers are greeted by some of the most beautiful port cities in the world and get to spend their time exploring the exquisite beaches and landscapes that Caribbean nations are known for.

(St Kitts and Nevis)

The Caribbean nation of St Kitts and Nevis has long been one of the most favoured destinations for travelers who wish to spend their time at an island retreat which offers all the amenities and attractions that one might expect from a tropical haven.

The nation is known for its ‘St Kitts Scenic Railway’, which is a 29 km long, narrow gauge railway line that passes along the island’s coast line. It allows passengers to take a 3-hour long journey around the island, which is located in the eastern Caribbean region.

The island also boasts of attractions like the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, Timothy Hill Overlook and the Fairview Great House and Botanical Gardens.

Another popular attraction is St Kitts and Nevis’s ‘Lover’s Beach’ which is a mile long secluded beach, curtained by sea grapes. The white sand beach is open only for adults and is often appreciated for its untamed beauty.

The nation is also known for its beautiful mountains, a comfortable tropical climate and its many beautiful beaches which appeal to all those who visit them.

(Saint Lucia)

Saint Lucia is another Caribbean nation that has the hearts of any tourists that visit it. Known as the ‘best honeymoon destination in the world’, Saint Lucia is often considered the go to holiday destination for lovers. Its beautiful beaches offer travelers and tourists a degree of privacy and beautiful landscapes which are unparalleled.

Besides the obvious appeal of a honeymoon destination, Saint Lucia also has volcanic sand beaches, lush rain forests, awe-inspiring coral reefs and breathtaking mountains.

The Caribbean nation is also home to Gros Piton and Petit Piton, two mountainous volcanic plugs which are world famous. Petit Piton stands at 798.25 m and Gros Piton is 743 m high. The peaks are connected by the Piton Matin Ridge and have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, adding to their appeal.

The nation is also known for Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens and Mineral bath, as well as the Pigeon Island National Park.


Grenada is another Caribbean nation which offers more attractions than one can easily handle. From the Underwater Sculpture Park in St George to the beautiful beaches and waterfalls, the island has plenty to offer.

The island nation is also known as the ‘Spice Isle’ for its unique and flavorful spices which are popular all over the world. The nation also has nutmeg plantations and botanical gardens that attract scholars and enthusiasts from far and wide.

Grenada is also a haven for architecture enthusiasts who get to witness Fort George, built in the 18th century. The nation still maintains many old Georgian styled buildings which are a unique experience unto themselves.

A visit to the Annandale Waterfall and National Park and the Belmont Estate are also a must when in Grenada.

(St Vincent and the Grenadines)

St Vincent and the Grenadines a nation in the southern Caribbean region, has much to offer to visitors. The nation attracts yacht owners aplenty, who enjoy docking at the its picturesque harbors.

The nation also has its own beautiful private islands and is full of volcanic landscapes which attract many tourists.

Fort Charlotte in St Vincent, the Princess Margaret Beach and Tobago Cays Island are some of the primary tourist attractions that bring people to the Caribbean nation. The country also boasts of some of the most luxurious, all-inclusive resorts and hotels which allow visitors to spoil themselves in the lap of luxury.

Many visitors also go to the Lower Bay Beach and Port Elizabeth which are charming seaside locations with plenty of options to amuse oneself.


The Caribbean nation of Dominica has been graced with a beautiful landscape that includes mountains, tropical rainforests, natural hot springs and some tremendous attractions in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, which is home to the boiling lake. This lake is heated by volcanic activity and is the second largest hot spring in the world.

The country also courts tourists with beautiful locations like the Trafalgar Falls and the Titou Gorge. The capital city of Roseau is an experience in itself, one that must be enjoyed first hand to be truly appreciated.

This is part of the reason why Dominica is often referred to as ‘The Nature Island of the Caribbean’. The government of Dominica is well aware of the gifts that have been bestowed upon its country. This is why, Dominica has initiated multiple projects which look to enhance the experiences offered to tourists.

Initially, the primary attractions Dominica had to offer included picturesque landscapes, black sand beaches and luxury resorts where tourists could pamper themselves.

The secret that was the boiling lake, will be a secret no more, as now, tourists and citizens will be able to access the site through the longest cable car in the world. This project is underway and is likely to be operational by 2025.

The project has been initiated by Doppelmayr, the leading cable car construction company in the world. The fact that the government is approaching this project with no restraints and is planning on using the best material and contractors available, is a clear sign of intent from them.

The latest surveys and economic reports issued by industry leaders in the region suggest that based on the preexisting facilities that Dominica’s tourism industry offers and what is to come in the near future, ‘The Nature Island of the Caribbean’ will soon be recognized as the number one tourist destination in the region, surpassing its peers in the process.

What sets Dominica’s cable car project apart is not just the fact that it is going to be the longest in the world, but also that it will be one of the few such projects which passes over some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

(Caribbean Happiness Index)

As obvious as it seems, one must point out the fact that Caribbean nations rank quite highly on the Happiness Index. To be precise, The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s 2023 World Happiness Report, delineated that Caribbean nations, on average have happy citizens.

One could say that this is down to their life style and the fact that they often have a generous and positive disposition. Or that they live fulfilling lives close to the lap of nature and that translates into an easygoing mind set. Either way, no one can deny the fact that people in the Caribbean have found something that most around the world are still seeking. A calmer, happier, healthier approach to life itself.