Dominica: 100 standalone homes to welcome families in Grand Bay Ville

Dominica: 100 standalone homes to welcome families in Grand Bay Ville

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Grand Bay, Dominica: Government of Commonwealth of Dominica is firm on its decision about revolutionizing the housing and urban development sector of the country; therefore, the housing initiatives around the country are consistent.

Developing sustainable and resilient housing communities has developed a hope of having a decent home which is a part of the country’s mission to provide Dominican families with appropriate houses. These housing communities are funded by the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

The construction work of these houses is in full operation via key partners and stakeholders for many housing projects in Scotts Head, Eggleston and Canefield. While adding to the roster of flourishing projects by MMC Development Ltd., will be the pristine integrated community of Grand Bay Ville.

The Housing Development of Grand Bay Ville is a ground-breaking, contemporary as well as a well-planned concept. Over 100 standalone houses, 29 empty plots for future construction, and over 10 houses for proper reconstruction and modernization will fulfil the picturesque environment of the development.

Most of the housing units will be well-equipped with three bedrooms, two toilets and bathrooms, a dining area, a kitchen, a laundry area, a living room and a porch.

Beyond the exquisitely crafted homes and scenic views are significant amenities and facilities like a commercial square comprising of 22 shops, a magistrate house, a gas station, a regional fire station, a church and a community centre.

Additionally, there will also be various sporting facilities like basketball courts, recreational spaces, and pocket parks.

Moreover, the safety of the community has also been assured with the presence of a police station that has been adequately renovated as well as updated with modern technology, providing round the clock services to the public.

Like all other projects carried out by MMC Development Ltd., the superstructures and substructures will follow the highest possible standards of resiliency, such as reinforced concrete and shatter-proof windows, along with underground utilities, to battle unfavourable weather conditions/natural disasters.

The 25-acre enclave will be known as a model community for the whole Caribbean region. The fully integrated community will also become a model to imitate. Grand Bay Ville will be providing decent homes to residents displaced due to Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Exceptionally unique, a holistic and vibrant life awaits everyone within the Grand Bay Ville community borders.