Dennery fatal stabbing incident marks 12th Homicide in Saint Lucia

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A man in Saint Lucia was stabbed to death by his younger brother in ‘Over The Bridge’ at Dennery on Wednesday due to a heated argument between them. He was taken to the hospital for medical attention, where he was declared dead by doctors. The incident marked the 12th Homicide in the country. 

The deceased was identified as Donal Joseph, aged 24 years old, and was a resident of the same area where he was killed at Dennery. The police officers have launched an investigation into the matter. 

A sixteen-year-old male of the same address was taken into custody in relation to the Denery homicide case. The reports suggest that he was involved in an argument with his younger brother, 14, a secondary school student. The ongoing argument took a tragic turn, and the 14-year-old stabbed his elder brother with a knife. 

Noting this, Joseph received numerous injuries to his body. On responding to an anonymous call, the investigating officers arrived at the crime scene. 

Upon arrival, they found the body of the victim lying motionless on the ground. They took him to the Dennery Hospital for urgent medical aid. However, a 24-year-old man succumbed to those injuries, and despite many efforts, medical practitioners declared him dead. 

The police have already begun their investigation and urged people with any information regarding the matter to come forward and assist with the investigation. 

The tragic death of Joseph received several reactions from the public on Facebook. While reacting to the news, a person named Reona Vitalis commented, “Sigh! I feel the pain of this family. Parents, please pray over your children so the devil doesn’t have access to them.”

Another FB user by the name of Raffaele Cantoni wrote, “People are killing each other for no reason, and the reason has to be found in the poor social condition. The police are surely doing what they can to stop this violent wave of behaviour, but it’s not enough.”

However, the death of Joseph doesn’t come under the category of gang-related violence, but it adds an alarming murder rate for 2024.

The incident occurred within twenty-four hours following the shooting death of a 36-year-old Mechanic of La Ressource at Vieux Fort, which marked the 11th Homicide in Saint Lucia. Moreover, within the same 24-hour timeframe, two men were shot in the community of Bocage on the outskirts of the city of Castries. 

Ana Allen
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