Royal Saint Lucia Police Force conducted a search in Dennery.

Royal Saint Lucia Police Force conducts search operation in Dennery

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The several units of the Northern collaborates with Central Division of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force to conduct an operation due to the happening crimes in Dennery area.

The proceeding of an operation was held on Wednesday, October 25, 2023.

During the operation, the officials of the law enforcement made an execution of eight search warrants. Out of those, the officials arrested six suspects.

The officials of the law enforcement found

– 1.38 special revolver

– Human skull covered in clothes from the house of Martin Shortie.

Martin Shortie, resident of Green Mountain, Dennery, also known as “Mawten”.

At the end of the investigation, Martin Shortie and Elizabeth Edward, another tenant of the house, both got arrested under the following charges:

  • Possession of Firearm under Section 22(3) of the Firearms Act
  • Disinterring, Dissecting, or Tampering with Corpse under Section 500 of the Criminal Laws of Saint Lucia 2013.

The officials also implemented the search warrant on the houses of Pius Kelly Alphonsa, who resides in La Pointe, Dennery. On investigating the premises, the police discovered a large quantity of Cannabis Resin and a substantial amount of cash.

Another person, John Emmanuel Bowen, who lives with Kelly Alphonsa, also got apprehended. They both got charged under the following:

– Offences of Possession of Controlled drugs

– Possession of Controlled drugs with the intention of supplying

Two persons were held suspicion of murder and taken into custody during the proceeding of other Search Warrants.

In the month of April, the officials of the Northern and the Central divisions of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and the Regional Security System conducted an operation together in the community of Bois d’ inde, Jacmel, Entrepot and Marigot.

The main motive of this collaboration was to hold searches in the Northern and Central parts of the nation because of the surge in the incidents of arms violence.

Due to this, many officers went to various locations and conducted searches. These searches lead to the result of the discovery of –

– Three illegal firearms

– Ammunition and Controlled drugs

In this case, the officers executed ten search warrants and 21 mortals were arrested, including the natives of France, under the following offences:

  • Possession of a Prohibited Weapon
  • Possession of Controlled Drugs
  • Possession of Controlled Drugs with the intention of supplying it
  • Possession of Firearm

Such incidents are not new in Saint Lucia as few days back on Wednesday, 18th October 2023, The Vieux Fort Police Station of Saint Lucia arrested a man with whom they found one 9 mm pistol and one magazine containing 15 rounds of 9 mm calibre ammunition.

These instances throw light on the urgent need for such collaboration in order to combat the rates of crimes.