In picture: Rick Kisna alias, also known as ‘Bossla’. (Credits: Good Morning Saint Lucia - Vibes at Sunrise, Facebook)

11th Homicide in Saint Lucia, man gunned down near Vieux Fort

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A man in Saint Lucia was gunned down near the Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School (Campus B) by three (3) masked men in front of his home on Tuesday. The incident marked the 11th Homicide in the country and the second in the southern town of Vieux Fort for 2024.

The victim was recognised as Rick Kisna alias, also known as ‘Bossla’, a resident of La Resource at Vieux Fort. According to the sources, it is believed that the deceased was attacked by assailants in front of his home. 

It is to be noted that Kisna resides at a two-minute walking distance from the garage where he worked. The people around the area immediately reported the matter to the police. On receiving the report, the officials responded and arrived at the crime scene. 

Upon arrival, they found Bossla lying motionless on the ground. However, he succumbed to his injuries at the St Jude Hospital. The investigation of the matter is ongoing, and authorities are appealing if anyone has information on this shooting incident is expected to contact the Vieux Fort Police Station. 

The first case of this long streak occurred when Omar Francis, aka ‘Kodak’, was killed while he was sleeping in his bed on January 6, 2024. This terrible event marked the start of a long streak of violent murders and homicides in the country. 

This sudden upsurge in cases has left the nationals fearing for their security and well-being. The government of Saint Lucia vowed to take action against those involved in these crimes. The RSLPF conducted anti-crime exercises in different constituencies to combat such crimes. 

The news has been shared on various social media pages, and many people expressed their concern regarding the increase in crime in their countries through Facebook comments. 

While reacting to the news, a person named Deborah Willliam wrote, “Still can’t believe it, Rick. My boy he was a gentle sole.”

Another person, by the name of Lucy Philip commented, “Lord put a hand and save our St Lucia please I beg of you.”

Additionally, the people in the Federation are definitely in a crisis situation, and those in authority need to take immediate action to curb this surge of crime before the island pays a heavy price.