Govt of Belize to remove the fees charged from Public hospitals. Picture Credits: Google Images

Belize to provide free services at Public Hospitals

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The Government of Belize is on a mission to ensure a reasonable standard of living and to provide universal healthcare facilities to the natives of Belize by waiving the fees charged from patients in public hospitals.

Member countries of CARICOM made the announcement that this step taken by the government will remove all the financial obstacles and will also improve the heath facilities for all the natives of the country, especially families with low income.

The ongoing system of charging fees from patients for the services of healthcare is one of the most significant barriers in ensuring access to good healthcare for those from low socioeconomic backgrounds, as not everyone can afford high-quality health care facilities.

The fees and the administrative costs together make it more difficult for people to get access healthcare facilities.

The government’s motive behind removing the fees is based on the following pretences:

– Reduce all the administrative burden

– Enhance healthcare access and facilities

– Promoting health equity

The Government made a statement which revealed the statistics showing that bills of hospitals, in the form of revenue arrears has hit the 50 per cent mark in the last three years, which emphasizes the need to facilitate change.

Therefore, through the initiative of fee removal, the process of billing will become simple which will result in ensuring quality health care for the citizens of Belize.

Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital will not be a part of this initiative, as stated by the government, as their needs will be accessed separately.

But, the government of Belize has stuck to its word by providing reasonable health care access to all citizens.

Removing fees in public hospitals is meant to help fulfil Belize’s aim to provide:

  • Universal health coverage
  • Universal health equity

Moreover, this great initiative is a great motivator for the other countries.

This innovative and thoughtful step taken by the government of Belize illustrates how dedicated and attentive the government is to the needs of its citizens.

This initiative also sheds light on the fact that Belize’s government is well aware of the social needs of Belizeans. It also shows that one of the primary objectives of the government is to focus on the social needs of its natives.

All in all, the government hopes to enhance public health and improve its economic productivity through this change.