10 healthcare job opportunities open up in the Caribbean. (Image credits: Google images)

Caribbean nations release listings for ten healthcare jobs

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Caribbean nations have released listings for a variety of jobs in the healthcare sector on www.caribbeanjobs.com. The listings include jobs in Guyana, The British Virgin Islands, Barbados, Anguilla and St. Lucia, giving a range of opportunities to candidates from different sections of the region.

Candidates have multiple options to choose from and can apply for positions as Diagnostic Sonographers, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, General Surgeons and more.

An interesting feature is that CSME stipulations facilitate the movement of skilled labour with in the region. This allows qualified individuals to apply for jobs in locations which suit their interests.

Here is a list of 10 such opportunities which have been listed in Guyana, The British Virgin Islands, Barbados, Anguilla and St. Lucia.



Western Scientific Company Ltd

The British Virgin Islands

Consultant Oncologist

The Bougainvillea Clinic Ltd.

Consultant Dermatologist

The Bougainvillea Clinic Ltd.

Professional Caretaker

Not Disclosed


Diagnostic Sonographer

Frontier Consulting


Physiocare Inc


Bryden Stokes BB




Health Authority of Anguilla


Health Authority of Anguilla

St Lucia


Millennium Heights Medial Limited


Candidates have been asked to create resumes which are concise, clear and have relevant information. Since recruiters will be working with many applications, the resumes have to be impressive yet concise to gain the attention of a recruiter, while also not wasting their time with unnecessary information.

This initiative is seen as a great example of the extent to with Caribbean nations have managed to maintain unity amongst themselves. This allows them to share resources and personnel in a manner which is of benefit to all parties involved.

The most prudent aspect of such endeavors, would be that these programs make the lives of the people in the region far better. This is because they allow citizens to seek the best opportunities available, not just in their own particular nation, but in the entire region.

This opens new doors for citizens and allows them to explore multiple options, instead of being tied down to a particular place or form of employment.

As a result, individuals experience greater freedom, both in their professional and personal choices, adding to their quality of life. The fact that Caribbean nations have managed to build sustainable systems and programs which facilitate this is quite impressive to see.

It also sets a brilliant example for other nations around the world which wish to establish strong and long-lasting relations with in their regions for the sake of the growth and prosperity of their citizens.