Antigua and Barbuda: Dead body found in Newfield area

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A dead body of a 56-year-old found in Newfield Antigua and Barbuda on Friday morning. Police reported that the incident appears to be a murder case as the body had multiple stabbing wounds.

The man has been identified as a 56-year-old from the same area who had an ongoing dispute with some person. Authorities stated that the cause of death can only be recognized after autopsy results.

Police officials stated that the cause of murder appears to be a domestic dispute between the diseased and a man known to him. Investigators stated that the victim had an heated argument with the man and was later found slumped over his vehicle with chop and stabbing wounds.

Authorities stated that the investigations are undergoing and officials are looking for the suspect. Eyewitnesses are being questioned by the police to understand more aspects of the murder.

The crime rate in Antigua and Barbuda is increasing rapidly with incidents of murder, crime happening frequently.


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