Antigua honeymoon murders: When UK couple was shot dead after 2 weeks of marriage

Shooting for theft or robbery is very common in Antigua; such incidents happen very often on the Caribbean island. Many years ago, in 2008, such an incident received worldwide coverage.

In 2008, a newly wedded doctor couple arrived in Antigua for their honeymoon. Ben Mullany and Catherine Mullany were both UK nationals and wanted to celebrate their marriage in the Caribbean.


Ben Mullany from Ystalyfera, Wales, was training to become a physiotherapist and was in his 3rd year of college at the University of West of England (UWE) in the UK. His wife, Catherine Mullany, grew just a few miles away from her beloved future husband. She was a paediatrician working to become a general practitioner.

On July 12, 2008, both got married at the Evangelist Church in Cilybebylle, Wales. Just two days after saying “I do to each other”, both flew to Antigua and checked in Cocos Hotel on July 14, 2008.

Shockingly, only two weeks after their marriage, the couple was shot dead. While Catherine Mullany died on the spot, her husband Ben Mullany sustained serious injuries and was taken to a hospital. The incident took place a night before they were to board a plane back home to the United Kingdom.

Even though Ben was fatally shot, he was able to narrate the story to paramedics. After being informed, their families flew in from the United Kingdom. After seeing his serious condition, Ben’s family decided to take him with them back home to get better treatment in England; however, one week after his wife’s death, Ben died too.

Ben and Catherine were killed by some robbers for a little amount of money. They were not the only victims of the vicious crimes in Antigua; such incidents happen very frequently in the country. The incident had soared relations between Antigua and UK.

Doctors had told his family of no chances of recovery and removed the life-support systems. Police had shot dead murderer Avie Howell during a confrontation with a police officer in the remote parish of St Mary.