25-y-o dies in fatal accident at West Coast Berbice

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Georgetown, Guyana: Ricardo Bipta, a 25-year-old, died in a fatal accident that occurred at about 22:30 hours on Monday near #9 Public Road at West Coast Berbice.

It is to be noted that the accident happened due to the collision of four cars, involving a motor car (#PLL 6437), which was owned and driven by a 42-year-old of Woodley Park Village, Motor Lorry #GSS 9769 was driven by a 46-year-old resident of Line Path at Corriverton.

The motorcycle #CJ 2618 was driven by now deceased man Bipta, who was a resident of Lot 16 Bath Settlement village of West Coast Berbice.

As per reports, both the Lorry and car #PLL 6437 were proceeding to the east along the northern side of the road while the car was travelling behind him. The car tried to overtake the Lorry, and unfortunately, it ended up on the southern drive lane and in the path of a motorcyclist.

Notably, the motorcyclist was proceeding in the opposite direction, i.e., West along the southern side of the road).

In due course of time, the car collided with the motorcyclist, which resulted in the motorcyclist ending up north, where, unfortunately, another collision occurred with the Lorry.

As a consequence, a 25-year-old received severe injuries and fell on the road. He was later taken to the Ford Wellington Public Hospital in an unconscious condition.

Noting this, he was seen and examined by Doctor Fraser, and Dr declared him dead on his arrival. The corpse was taken to Anthony’s Funeral Home for post-mortem examination.

It is to be noted that police arrested both the drivers and took them into custody at Fort Wellington Police Station, and the vehicles were lodged at the station.

Moreover, the Breathalyzer tests were conducted on both drivers and as per reports, there was no trace of alcohol in their system.

The news has been shared on various social media pages, and many people took to their official Facebook handle to express their views and extend their condolences to the family of the deceased.

While reacting to the news, one user named Gaitree Narain wrote, “Condolences to the entire family. Reading this brought back so many sad memories of senseless accidents that took loved ones and others on that Bath Public Rd.”

Another user, by the name of Rajdai Chand, commented, “My heart break to see this sad news. May his soul rest in peace. My heartfelt sympathy to the parents and only sister, Vanessa. May they be comforted in this tragic time.”

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