Tomb of murdered man vandalized at Berbice

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Georgetown, Guyana: The tomb of 29-year-old Ramanand Mingo was broken into by tomb raiders. Mingo was stabbed to death on November 19 at John’s Settlement, Corentyne at Berbice.

Reportedly, the accused, identified as Andrew Seegobin of Clifton Village, was apprehended by the police, charged and taken into custody until December 11, 2023.

It is to be noted that the tomb, which comprised the remains of Mingo, was laid to rest on November 27, 2023. It was discovered vandalized on Monday at the Babu Jaan Cemetery in Port Mourant of East-Berbice at Corentyne.

It is to be added in the remarks of relatives of the dead that they got a phone call in the morning, and somebody informed them about a person or persons who had broken into the tomb of Mingo.

In the meantime, they filed a report at the nearby police station. They further stated that after the report was lodged, they went over to the graveyard, where they witnessed the tomb, which was actually broken into.

As per the family’s observation, a sledgehammer was reportedly used to break the lock, and they managed to open the tomb.

It is to be noted that the coffin of the man and his body was then ransacked. Shockingly, the bag that the mad had habitually worn while he was alive was put into his tomb on the day of his funeral was empty.

However, that bag was supposedly torn up, and nothing was taken out from the man’s tomb. Notably, the relatives of the deceased commented that the remains of the man were messed up by the tomb raiders.

If sources are to be believed, it is said that the mother of the dead man was seen and heard saying, while in tears, that all she wanted for her son, whose life was cut short, was for him to rest peacefully.

It is to be noted that the case was registered at the police station, and the investigating officers are currently examining the case and trying to collect as much evidence as they can to solve the mystery of the case.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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