Woman stabbed to death by her own husband in Guyana

Woman found naked, stabbed to death in Sunset Hotel, Guyana

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Romona Lall, a 32-year-old woman, has been stabbed to death by her abusive common-law husband with whom she shared a relationship for the last ten years.  As per reports, the dead body was discovered at room of Sunset Hotel in Kitty.

The woman has been identified as a resident of Lot 1503 Kilcoy Chesney, Corentyne, Berbice in Guyana. As per reports, the victim is a mother of three children.

According to the information shared by Lall’s relatives to the media, she was murdered by her husband Vishal Appadu. He is a former ranked official of the Guyana Defence Force and a former prison officer of the Guyana Prison Service. However, the suspect is currently working as a taxi driver.

Lall’s cousin, Priya Narine, revealed to the media that she saw her sister and her husband arriving at the Sunset Hotel in Kitty, Georgetown, on Saturday afternoon. Moreover, on the following day, she was found nude and dead with stabbed wounds all over her body.

She further added that Appadu used to beat her wife and isolate her from her relatives. She also revealed that last week, she was beaten by her husband, due to which she left home and went back to her mother’s home in Essequibo.

After that, she revealed, Lall’s husband came to her mother’s house on Friday and begged the victim to give her a second chance. As a result of the begging, Lall agreed to give her husband a second chance.

When Lall got ready to go along with her husband, her husband informed her that he had parked his car in Georgetown and took public transport to go by her mother’s place in Essequibo.

The couple first went to Georgetown to collect their car and spent a whole night together at their home in Berbice.

On Saturday, they both missed a boat which they were supposed to take to travel to Essequibo to collect their three children.

Due to this, they booked a room at the Sunset Hotel in Kitty Georgetown. It is still not clear what actually transpired between the couple that the next day, they received the news about the tragic death of Lall.

In CCTV footage, it was found that her husband, Appadu, entered the hotel along with her but later exited the room all alone.

Despite being badly abused by her husband, she still tried her best to make the relationship work, as she wanted her family to stay together.

According to the information shared by the Guyana Police Force, Khersattie Bettencort, the owner of Sunset Hotel, confirmed that the victim and accused entered the hotel at around 17:55 on Saturday.

The receptionist of the hotel stated that she reported for work at about 7:00 am and took over the duties from another receptionist. She further stated that she checked the overnight sheet and observed that 11 persons had to check out of the hotel at 12:00.

As per her statement, Lall was supposed to check out from Room 4, but she did not; then, she decided to knock on her door and call her, but she got no response.

She then took the spare key to open the door and saw Lall lying motionless on the floor, completely naked.

A broken 592 beer bottle and a Guinness bottle were seen on the floor. Blood stains have appeared to be seen on the bed and walls of her room.

The victim was announced dead by the Doctor of Georgetown Public Hospital and the

Emergency medical technicians responded to the matter.

Lall’s body is currently lying at Memorial Gardens Funeral Home and the post-mortem examination has yet to be conducted.

It has also been said that the accused has escaped arrest and left the country.