WHO team delivers medical aid to Gaza European Hospital

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Gaza European Hospital received essential medical supplies for 9,000 patients from the WHO team and partners last week. It is to be noted that around 22,000 people are taking shelter in the hospital due to the ongoing intensive conflict in Khan Younis. 

Due to the extreme crowd, the authorities lack basic medical facilities, which has shaken the lives of the people. 

According to the reports, the WHO team has seen ultimate overcrowding inside the hospital. They stated that the conditions are truly inhuman for the patients, health workers and especially those without a safe place to take shelter. 

Notably, the facility has a capacity of 670 beds, and more than 800 patients are serving at the moment. The following are the services with the limited working/ functionality

– Intensive care unit

– Surgery and wound care

– Laboratory and radiology

– Emergency department

– Child and neonatal care

Moreover, there is a high chance of infections and various disease outbreaks because of limited access to clean water and sanitation in the hospital

According to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Gaza has recorded multiple reports of the killing of civilians, including the Palestinian staff at the Al Amal Hospital at the beginning of February. 

The effects of Isreal bomb on civilians infrastructure in Gaza. (Credits: The true path, Facebook)
The effects of the Israel bomb on civilian infrastructure in Gaza. (Credits: The True Path, Facebook)

“We cannot say it louder: hospitals MUST be protected, not attacked nor militarised. Ceasefire!” added Ghebreyesus. 

Additionally, the ongoing Israel-Hamas war noted that the Palestinian death toll has surpassed 25,000. The update was confirmed by the Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip. 

Shockingly, the relatives of the hostages and others set up a tent outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence and claimed to be there until the release of their people who are held refugees amid the Israel-Hamas War. 

Further, the US, UK and EU have armed Israel to the teeth with weapons and provided diplomatic cover for the Israeli government to kill children based on their ethnicity in Gaza. 

Hamas and its armed forces appear to have the upper hand in Gaza as they attacked Israeli forces for the second consecutive day. Al-Qassam and Al Quds Brigades are reported to have clashed with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) four times in a single day.

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