We salute you: SLP praises PM Philip J Pierre following 78th UNGA speech

We salute you: SLP praises PM Philip J Pierre following 78th UNGA speech

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The Saint Lucia Labour Party extended its heartfelt congratulations to its leader and the Prime Minister of the country – Philip J Pierre for his ‘hard-hitting’ speech at the United Nations General Assembly. The SLP regarded the speech or address by the Prime Minister as a brilliant, moving as well as hard-hitting one.

The political party of the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia took its official social media platform to express its views on the speech. It noted, “The SLP congratulates Prime Minister, Philip J. Pierre on a brilliant, moving, yet hard-hitting speech to the UN General Assembly.”

Furthermore the Saint Lucia Labour Party praised the Prime Minister for mentioning and highlighted the crucial as well as key crisis of the Caribbean region. “Our Prime Minister had the guts to say what many other leaders were thinking,” the political party outlined through the platform.

In addition to this, it shared the saying of Prime Minister Pierre, that can be quoted as, “Saint Lucia has come to this 78th Session to say that there must be justice in the relations between developed and developing countries, that we are no longer willing to come to this annual parade merely to lend our voice to support this or that global cause, or to condemn whoever, from year to year, is the new global enemy. No powerful nation’s global agenda is more important to us than our own, and we insist that our legitimate concerns be listened to and acted upon.”

Moreover, Saint Lucia Labour Party emphasised that the leader of SLP also pointed out at the hurricanes, tropical storms – the climate activities whose threat is continuously increasing as the sea level has witnessing surge across the region.

“As the Lead Head of Government on Sustainable Development with CARICOM, Prime Minister Pierre’s call for action is timely when hurricanes develop rapidly like never before, sea levels rise across the Caribbean, and unmitigated disasters increase, affecting lives and livelihoods in Saint Lucia,” it mentioned.

While concluding it stated, “We are truly proud of the representation by our leader. We salute you!”

Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Philip J Pierre, addressed the 78th session of the UN General Assembly on September 20, 2023.

Locals’ view on PM Pierre’s 78th UNGA speech:

Following the address, he was lauded and praised by the general public, especially the locals of Saint Lucia. Many of them also took the comment section of the social media post by the Saint Lucia Labour Party.

One of them, named Merline Nelson commented, “My prime Minister Honorable Philip Joseph Pierre a brave man, Deliver a masterpiece UN General Assembly Bravo to you Prime Minister Continue the great works that you have started. I deliver you in the hands of the most high and I’m continuing praying for you.” Another named Cletia Straughn wrote, “U’re a star Prime Minister.”

Along with them, the third person named Anthony Mondesir stated, “Great contribution.”