WASCO to receive financial support from CDB, aims to improve water supply

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The Water and Sewerage Company Inc of Saint Lucia (WASCO) will receive the amount of USD 749,619 from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). This amount will be given to improve water reliability, sustainability, and resilience.

Contractors will be given technical assistance to develop climate-resilient water supplies. The WASCO officials have also made their own plans to restore waste water and improve the overall quality of water.

The project is being executed with the support of CDB’s Caribbean Action for Resilience Enhancement (CARE) Programme, funded by the European Union through the 11th European Development Fund’s (EDF) Intra-African Caribbean Pacific- European Union- (ACP-EU) Natural Disaster Risk Reduction Programme. 

WASCO is hoping to increase its capacity to assess climate risk and plan future climate-resilient investments in the region. 

The department assured to provide safe drinking water to the public and also took care of waste water management services efficiently.

With the improved water supplies, the department will get an opportunity to increase its customer base and maintain the reliability of the current customers, who are served by Saint Lucia’s Water and Sewerage Company Inc. 

While speaking about the importance of the CDB fund, the CDB Division Chief, Environmental Sustainability- Ms Valerie Isaac, stated that this technical assistance will boost WASCO’s capacity and enable them to address the impacts of climate change.

“WASCO will be able to assess climate risks, and identify, prioritize, and execute suitable programmes and projects that enhance the resilience of water supply and sewerage services, and the masterplan will provide key stakeholders with comprehensive guidance for prioritized investments”, added Issac. 

The authorities emphasize to empowering women as they will be given training, skills and build their capacity to deal with the issues related to climate change. 

“This intervention will have a significant positive impact on women and rural population groups and ultimately improve the lives and well-being of residents and visitors of Saint Lucia”, remarked Ms Isaac. 

Such funding will provide financial support to the water department to refine the governance on disaster risk management and climate change adaptation. 

The financing is also used to strengthen evidence-based and gender-sensitive decision-making and financial response to the impacts of climate change and natural hazards, as well as to enhance community infrastructure and livelihood resilience to climate change and natural hazards.

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