PM Pierre urges to stand against Climate Change issues in 46th CARICOM meeting

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Prime Minister Philip J Pierre engaged in talks regarding the issues of Climate Change as the Lead Head for this sector with other government heads of the Caribbean Nation during the 46th Regular Meeting of CARICOM. 

During the meeting, he touched on several topics of concern, with a particular focus on the issues of Climate Change. The Caribbean is highly vulnerable to Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms, causing speedy changes in climate.

Due to such conditions, Saint Lucia suffers from a tropical maritime climate throughout the year. Some of the reasons for climate change include the country’s small geographical area and the existence of the nation’s nearby areas prone to cyclones and volcanic activity.

Philip J Pierre in 46th CARICOM meeting. (Credits: Philip J. Pierre, Facebook)
Philip J Pierre in 46th CARICOM meeting. (Credits: Philip J. Pierre, Facebook)

As climate change remains a top priority for PM Pierre, this year, Saint Lucia celebrated its 45th Independence Anniversary by focusing on building climate resilience. 

The country is continuously attracting various sources of climate funding, which will help the country implement innovative and sustainable solutions to tackle climate change issues.

Its independence theme, Douvan Ansam, is a testament to a nation that continues to recover from climate-related disasters such as hurricanes, storms, landslides, floods, droughts, seas, beach erosion, deforestation, and more.

PM Pierre added that his government is taking prompt action to combat the issues related to climate change. 

PM Pierre during CARICOM conference in Guyana. (Credits: Philip J Pierre, Facebook)
PM Pierre during the CARICOM conference in Guyana. (Credits: Philip J Pierre, Facebook)

As per sources, the government of Saint Lucia has benefitted from a 625,000 Euros investment to build resilience in the water sector through funding from the EU-GCCA+ Project, and the project was implemented by the CCCCC.

Recently, the Department of Sustainable Development celebrated the successful launch of the National Adaptation Plan for Green Climate Fund Readiness Project to foster climate resilience efforts.

PM Pierre took to his official social media handle (Facebook) to update the public about the discussion that took place in the CARICOM meeting. 

“Day One of the 46th Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in Georgetown, Guyana, focused on our pursuits towards regional and nutrition security, ICC Men’s T20, Regional Transportation, Reparations and the situation in Haiti. 

I also had the opportunity to engage my colleagues on issues of Climate Change as the Lead Head for this sector”, added Prime Minister Pierre.

The 46th CARICOM meeting is scheduled to be held from Sunday to Thursday in Georgetown, Guyana, and hosted by the President of Guyana- Irfaan Ali, as he delivered the official address during the opening ceremony. 

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