Vera Lacoeuilhe elected as Chairperson of UNESCO Executive Board

Saint Lucian diplomat Vera Lacoeuilhe, elected to the Presidency of UNESCO Executive Board until 2025.

VERA LACOEUILHE WILL SERVE AS CHAIRPERSON UNTIL 2025. (Credits: Saint Lucia Ministry of External Affairs, Facebook)
VERA LACOEUILHE WILL SERVE AS CHAIRPERSON UNTIL 2025. (Credits: Saint Lucia Ministry of External Affairs, Facebook)

Castries, Saint Lucia: Saint Lucian diplomat Vera Lacoeuilhe will serve as chairperson of the UNESCO Executive Board for the period 2023-2025.

The UNESCO Executive Board held its 218th session on Friday, November 24, at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. Saint Lucia’s candidate and representative to the Executive Board, Mrs Lacoeuilhe, won over Brazil’s representative with 36 votes to 20 votes and two abstentions.

Saint Lucia’s candidate is a long-standing diplomat who has been an integral part of the delegation of Saint Lucia to UNESCO since its foundation.

She has been an exception in her expertise and extensive experience. Notably, her capacity to point out consensus is a vital attribute for the Presidency of the Executive Board, which is unprecedented.

It is to be noted that she possesses an in-depth understanding of the Organization’s procedures and an innate ability to be innovative in finding solutions that all the Member States agree to.

A diplomat extended her thankfulness to the Members of the Board for their confidence and support while addressing the board following her victory.

She notably pledged her commitment to encourage cooperation and unity in fostering the mandate of the Organization in the interest of member states. 

Mrs Lacoeuilhe has over two decades of experience in multilateral diplomacy and international relations. One of her most distinctive competencies is building consensus through inspirational leadership.

UNESCO Executive Board

The Executive Board is one of the three constitutional organs of UNESCO, along with the General Conference and the secretariat, which is elected by the General Conference. 

It is to be noted that the board consists of 58 member states, each with a four-year term of office. It examines the organisation’s programme of work and budget.

The Saint Lucia National Commission for UNESCO congratulated Saint Lucia on this historic achievement and extended best wishes to Mrs. Lacoeuilhe for a successful Presidency.