Vaccination rollout continues smoothly in East and North of Trinidad

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On Friday, the process of vaccination has been operated smoothly at all the health centres and facilities located in the northern areas and east areas of Trinidad.

2 dozen of people have been spotted waiting out of St Joseph Enhanced Facility at 8 am. At that time, regular clinics and prescription refills were also being operated at the same time. The staff members at the entrance of facilities call out the names of the persons. Due to this, the process was going smoothly.


When they had come up, there were people who were asking to be put on a list, and they also had a database that they had to take from the clinic listing. At that time, because of the Health Ministry guidelines, they were targeting 65 years and over and people who have been attached to the clinic, but so far, it’s very smooth. They had no issues.

One older man said that he would not be taking the COVID-19 vaccine because the last time when he had the flu vaccine, his muscles had been seized up for several days later. There was the same case of refusal to the vaccine but by a lady, as she had recently undergone a open heart surgery.

The vaccination rollout was also being conducted in a well-arranged manner at the La Horquetta Health Centre. According to a old age lady Elizabeth Taitt, patients who were being vaccinated were given a small pack consisting bottle of water and also a tiny bottle of sanitiser. The flow of the people for vaccination at the centre was steady.

At the Maloney Health Centre, there was a constant flow of people for all services, with health protocols such as temperature screening and sanitisation.

Sisters Erma and Verna Diaz said the process was very good, and the staff were experienced and trained. Operations at the Tacarigua Racquet Centre went evenly. People’s temperatures were recorded as they went into the centre. People who were going back after vaccination said the process went evenly and swiftly.


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