Cuba starts mass vaccination by using its own Abdala vaccine

A mass vaccination carried out by Cuba using its own homegrown vaccine Abdala

Cuba starts mass vaccination by using its own Abdala vaccine
Cuba starts mass vaccination by using its own Abdala vaccine

Cuba: A mass vaccination campaign started in Cuba on Wednesday against COVID-19. In this campaign, the country is using its home manufactured vaccine. If this vaccine gets a positive result, then this vaccine will be given to the other nations in Latin America that are badly hit by the pandemic.

The manufacturing of this vaccine is going in the state-run biopharma sector of Cuba, which has a long history of giving, producing and exporting vaccines.

Bolivia, Argentina and Mexico and other countries from the region of Latin America have also shown their keen interest to get the supplies of Cuba’s homegrown vaccine.

This vaccine has been tested out on 48,000 volunteers, but results have not been revealed yet. The vaccination will lower the risk of spread of the coronavirus as the company is confident that this vaccine can produce virus- antibodies.

The Cuban government maintains that many countries were in a hurry to supply the vaccine to other countries before the last result reports were out. They stated that the US and Europe had only gone through the first reports of third trials and provided the vaccine before the complete reports of the third trial were public.

The government stated that even China and Russia supplied the vaccines before publishing reports for the second trial.

If this vaccine receives positive results from its third phase test, it will prove a significant achievement for the small communist governed countries. The manufacturing of the Abdala can also solve the shortage of vaccine in the region

Officials have raised the idea of eventually offering the vaccine to tourists in a bid to revive the sector, one of the ailing economy’s key earners, which has been devastated by the pandemic.