Barbados receives 33,600 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine from COVAX

The first rack of vaccine reached Barbados under the rollout programme by PAHO and WHO

Barbados receives 33,600 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine from COVAX
Barbados receives 33,600 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine from COVAX

Barbados: The Pan American Health Organisation and World Health Organisation, under the rollout programme of the vaccine distribution, provided 33,600 doses to Barbados.
WHO aims to provide 183,000 vaccine to the Caribbean island of Barbados.
Barbados has received its first trench of vaccine, and the second round of vaccine is yet to arrive in Barbados.

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley said that we should not do politics at this particular time, but instead, everyone should unite and serve humanity at its first call. She also discussed the matter of hesitation in Barbadians regarding the vaccine. Under the operation “seek and save”, 55% of the population of Barbados have expressed their hesitancy regarding the vaccine. After two weeks, the result started to change, and after that, at the last interview in which out of every 8 out of 10 Barbadian was saying ‘Yes’ to the vaccine, and only a few were still in hesitation.

Life should get back on the track that is derailed for a few months due to the lockdowns opposed on the country’s men and women for their safety from the COVID-19 virus. Now the Barbadians are saying that they are feeling secured now after being vaccinated. The doctors have also noted that at this time, all should be mentally strong, which will defeat COVID-19.
The cases in Barbados are reaching the figures of 3,950 till now. Today Barbados has reported four new deaths, with which a total number of fatalities have reached 45. Barbados has administered 97,329 vaccines till now to immunize its population and save them from COVID-19.
The vaccine programmes by WHO in the whole world is a big example of community help without any discriminations. This helping nature is also a weapon for all to fight against the COVID-19