Trinidad and Tobago to follow alphabetical system for vaccination drive

181,488 citizens fully vaccinated in Trinidad and Tobago
181,488 citizens fully vaccinated in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: The Minister of Health, Terrence Deyalsingh, while referring to the long lines and crowds at the 36 health centers for walk-in vaccinations, issued an apology to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago for him and his Ministry’s underestimation of vaccine demand.

Minister Deyalsingh announced that from tomorrow, an alphabetical system by surname will be implemented for persons over 60 only. This will be done in groups of 5 letters, for example, tomorrow, only eligible persons whose surnames fall in the A – E category will be seen, the following day only those in the F – J category and so on.

The Health Minister clarified that as of today, only persons over 60 will be receiving their first dose at this time. The Minister advised those under 60 with NCDs, to not show up and assured them that their time will come.

Minister Deyalsingh stated that in 2 months, 134,289 persons have been vaccinated with their first dose.

Technical Director of Epidemiology, Dr Avery Hinds said the overall COVID-19 positivity (the number of samples that come back positive out of every 100 tests performed) in the country is beginning to see a downward trend. Dr Hinds stated that this is an indicator of the decrease in viral circulation within the population.