UWP shows sense of affront towards Dominica’s development. PC: Google Image

UWP shows sense of affront towards Dominica’s development

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Roseau, Dominica: The journey of resilience in Dominica is steadily progressing, marking a significant impression on the world as it is on its way to be World’s First Climate Resilient Nation. Such a recognition is a great achievement in itself which is not being borne by the United Workers Party (UWP).

There have been several developmental projects in the country that state it clear that PM Skerrit’s better administration has taken the nation to the position where it can be recognized by the world. To this, UWP is showing the sense of affront so the projects can be put to a halt.

To blot on the landscape of the economic state of Dominica has become a prime objective of the opposition for which they can go beyond any limits. An epitome to this is the opposition’s actions to impact the construction works going at the historic International Airport.

At the site, a significant number of locals are employed. Due to this, halted construction works would not only impact the country’s position but also would affect the lives of local people, pushing the country and its people to the peaks of devastation.

It is not the first time that the opposition is doing such things. However, everytime, it came into the spotlight, the country has faced deprived situations. Their evil intentions and actions of opposition know no boundaries and have been pushing the nation to the state where it has become so hard to get back to the stabilized position.

The opposition has been doing wrong to the nation for so long that the country would be led to the ashes. However, the current administration’s powerful leadership is taking each of their actions to failure.

The proposition of the “Do Nothing Campaign” just a few months back was one of the agendas of the UWP to adversely impact the economic state of the nation. Through this, the former minister, Lennox Linton, tried all his efforts to stop people from performing any of the activities that could contribute towards the economy but failed.

When he found no result from this, further he came up with the plans to defame the country’s economic state by the cheap actions. However, the strong and unwavering commitment of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit did not let him succeed.