UWP considers no boundaries to put stop on Dominica’s development

UWP considers no boundaries to put stop on Dominica’s development

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Roseau, Dominica: The United Workers Party (UWP) on its agenda to halt the progress of Dominica is considering no limits and acting harshly towards disturbing the country’s peace and harmony. Their agenda revolves around harming the country’s economic state by making significant efforts to halt the construction of the projects.

The major project under the evil eyes of the opposition stands the construction of a new International airport. The evidence of this is the statement by the minister itself. In one of the interviews, former leader Lennox Linton of UWP highlighted that they can go all beyond the limits to stop the developmental projects in the country.

The efforts by the opposition may give worsened results that even would lead towards the country’s economic devastation. The state of the economy of any nation is of great significance to make it stand in the world. And, in case, any action taken against the economy would result in major loss to the country.

The evil intentions of the opposition know no boundaries and strategic actions by them with an objective of harming the state is following the speed each passing day. The party is leaving behind no state that could keep the name of the country on good terms and is constantly working towards tarnishing the country’s name.

The actions being taken so long by the UWP signal the evil intentions of the party. Such actions are not even to be found as these are simply served on the table so evidently that can not even be neglected. The opposition’s recently proposed “Do Nothing Campaign” is a clear example of this.

Such a foolish action if not controlled by the Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and its administration could have posed great harm to the nation and its people. The devastation through this could even have been as threatening as the conditions were at the time of Hurricane Maria.

Significantly, the government of the country is making every possible effort with the tireless dedication to not let the opposition succeed in their agenda. Not only this, the dedication of authorities is clearly reflected from all the progresses undergoing in every sector from health to infrastructure.