Two Venezuelans got arrested for possessing narcotics. Picture Credits: Fb account

Two Venezuelans caught with cannabis in Guyana

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Two Venezuelan nationals were taken into custody after they were raided by Police officials on Monday, 6th November 2023 for possessing narcotics.

Officials found 11,000 grams of narcotics in the trunk of their car when they were heading towards the western end of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, Guyana.

Based on a tip received by the Police around 5:15 am, officers stopped two Venezuelan nationals by conducting a roadblock exercise on the western end of the Demerara Harbour Bridge when their vehicle, motorcar PPP 1521 headed towards East.

Both of them has been identified as the resident of 66 David Street, Kitty, namely:

–         22 years old Kevyn De Jesus

–         29 years old Marcelino Marcos

The police officials who were included in the roadblock exercise requested the driver to carry out a search on their vehicle and the two occupants those who were sitting in the car.

When police officials frisked them, they found nothing illegal. However, on searching their car, they found a total of fifteen compressed parcels.

The officials opened the parcels in front of them and found:

–         Few quantities of seeds

–         A quantity of leaves

–         Stems which were suspected to be cannabis.

Both the natives of Venezuela were informed about the offence they committed and they were cautioned but they chose to remain silent and they got apprehended under the offence of possession of cannabis.

Afterwards, they were taken to the La Parfaite Harmonie Police Station along with the narcotics. On weighing the narcotic substance, it almost weighed 11,000 grams.

Earlier this week, Guyana Police Services reported the same case regarding the possession of Marijuana.

In this incident, Nicholson Samaroo, a 29-year-old Tattoo artist resident of Mattai Street, Rose Town Hall at Corentyne Berbice got arrested from Rose Hall Town with a quantity of 436 grams of Marijuana.

The higher officials received the information about the illegal possession and consumption so they decided to visit Samaroo’s house. They saw Samaroo who was standing just a short distance away from the officers. The officers noticed that Samaroo was holding a pink bag which he threw away in the bushes upon seeing the officials.

On interrogating the bag, the officials found:

–         A quality of stems

–         Few quantities of leaves

–         Stems which were suspected to be cannabis

Moreover, there is an urgent need to take some stringent steps in order to cease such crimes for the betterment and growth of the nation.