The man got arrested for smuggling cannabis. Picture Credits: Fb account of Guyana Daily News

Man in Guyana arrested for smuggling cannabis

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A man was apprehended for smuggling drugs to his friends by officials of the Guyana Prison Service on Monday, 30th October 2023, in Lusignan Prison.

The man was identified as a resident of West Bank Demerara after he tried to supply “contraband” to his acquaintance, Tomar McGarrel, who was already in prison.

He was arrested by the Guyana Prisons Service while he was trying to smuggle 24.01 grams of cannabis into the Lusignan Prison to his friend.

The man revealed his identity as Teron Cameron, a 25-year-old man. He tried to pack the drugs under his slippers but prison officials followed through with a thorough frisking during which they checked his footwear as well and he got caught as the officer found:

– Some leaves of cannabis

– A small quantity of seeds

– Stems of cannabis

Subsequently, he got arrested for the attempt to smuggle drugs and will be taken to court for the breach of law.

The officers were praised for their attentiveness and awareness by the Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot.

The officers were advised by the Prison Head at the quarterly assembling or the inspection of the police officers to remain vigilant and be observant on duty to avoid falling victim to a threat or allowing criminal activity to go unnoticed.

The Director of the Prison stated that due to the surge in the cases of smuggling contraband into several prisons, stringent measures have been put in place by officials. Surveillance has been increased and the monitoring of all relevant locations of the prison facilities have also been initiated.

Such cases bring out the urgent need to look into this matter and catch corrupt officers who are involved in smuggling cannabis into prison.

Initially, the case was found- in Guyana, where a man and a woman were apprehended by the officials of Guyana in the case of smuggling cannabis into the Guyana Prison Service headquarters.

The woman was arrested around 10:52 a.m. when she was stopped by the officers during the investigation.

Just one day later, around midday, a search was conducted on a man at the Prison Headquarters; during the investigation, the officials found –

  • Few quantities of seeds
  • A quantity of leaves
  • Stems which were suspected to be cannabis

On this, the prison service stated that the two suspects are being investigated and will appear in court.