Trinidad and Tobago Police seize cocaine worth over half million dollars at Cove Estate Beach

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Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) discovered cocaine, worth over a half million dollars in a black plastic bag in Cove Estate Beach in Tobago on Sunday during a routine patrol.

According to the statement of the police, the official of the Tobago Divisional Task Force and Special Intelligence Unit conducted a patrol in Cove Estate. During the exercise, they found a black plastic bag on the shoreline.

They examined the bag and found a white substance, that was doubted to be cocaine. The officers took the bag along with them to the police division. Upon arrival, they sent the substance to the forensic department.

As per the forensic report, the substance was proved as cocaine. The drugs weighed approximately 1.109 kilograms and had an estimated street value of TT $515, 285.76. The investigation of the matter is ongoing.

Meanwhile, the Northern Division Task Force South officials conducted an exercise along with Emergency Response Patrol officers in the Carapo district on Sunday, between the hours of 5 pm and 9 pm.

During the exercise, the investigating officers proceeded to a bushy area at Unity Lane, where they searched. As a result, they recovered the following materials from the patrolling site.

  • Three pairs of black tactical pants
  • Three police operational jackets
  • One police cap
  • One police reflective vest
  • One pair of camouflage pants
  • One police beret
  • One camouflage jacket

The police department is proceeding their further investigation of the matter and urged the public with any information to come forward and assist them in their investigation.

Many citizens took to their social media handles (Facebook) to express their concern regarding the increase of such crimes. While reacting to the news, a person named Wineboi Narry commented, “Amazing how Trinidad now has almost any type of illicit drugs, long time was mostly weed and crack.”

As per the sources, there is a rise in criminal activities related to the possession of drugs such as cocaine, ganja and marijuana in the nation which puts the security and safety of citizens at risk. People are definitely in a state of fear as they are experiencing such stances of crimes on every alternative day.

The citizens urged authorities to implement strict laws to combat such crimes. These criminal activities will directly impact tourism in the nation which will affect the economy of the country.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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