Jamaica’s Health Ministry launches early warning system on drugs

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The Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) in Jamaica has introduced an Early Warning System on Drugs, in collaboration with international partners and local stakeholders. This decision has been prompted by a rise in drug abuse in the nation, which has become a matter of concern for the nation.

Officials from the Ministry of Health have stated that the new system consists of a multi-disciplinary network, which aims to support the public health and security apparatus in the nation, that is going against the issue of substance abuse.

The nation has revealed that its primary focus is on new psychoactive substances which are plaguing Jamaica.

The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston played host to the launch event on Friday, where it was highlighted that multiple nations in the world, including Caribbean nations, have been dealing with significant alterations in the drug market.

The world has seen an uptick in the prevalence of psychoactive drugs such as molly or ecstasy and psilocybin mushrooms, as the abuse of these drugs is being noticed in many parts of the world.

Mr. Dunstan Bryan, Permanent Secretary (PS) in the MOHW, stated the following, “Today’s launch represents a significant push to formalise drug policy and frameworks needed to combat the public health and social harms associated with illicit drug use.”

“It is our aim to adequately support efforts to deliver early warnings on changes in the changing drug problem and developing rapid, effective responses while minimising risks as we look to secure the health of our nation and those most at risk.”

The state minister also said, “All in all, this is a well-needed network that is poised to drive policy development and support existing actions designed to respond to the prevailing threat of substance use.”

It has been revealed that 15 organisations involved in the public health sector or national security have come together to establish the multidisciplinary inter-agency network.

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