Trinidad and Tobago marks 42% increase in number of cruise visitors in 2024

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Trinidad and Tobago: Trinidad and Tobago marked a significant growth of 42% in the number of visitors to the shores of Trinidad and Tobago by the end of the cruise ship season, which will conclude on 17th April 2024. 

The number of visitors which were recorded in the 2022/2023 cruise season was 139,776 passengers. Meanwhile, the island nation welcomed 198,408 international visitors in 2023/2024. These figures mark the enhancement in the tourism sector of the country which will further likely create a surge in the economic conditions of the nation. 

The cruise tourism of the island nation plays a significant role in creating many job opportunities for the local citizens of the island nation and will create a surge in several services including tours, shops, restaurants and many other facilities. 

In this cruise tourism season, Trinidad and Tobago welcomed many cruise vessels to the island nation which includes Jewel of the Seas, Costa Fortuna, Marella Voyager, Seabourn Ovation and many more. All these vessels brought a large number of passengers to the island nation and graced the coast of the nation with their presence. 

With the large number of passengers, various sectors of the island nation witnessed growth, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, transportation, and many others. 

The residents have lauded the unwavering commitment and dedication of the tourism authority for their continuous efforts in promoting the island nation and elevating it to greater heights. The tourism authority has expressed gratitude for witnessing such growth and shed light on his vision of further enhancing the tourism sector which could lead to contribute for the overall growth and development of the nation. 

Moreover, the international visitors disembarked on the shores of the island nation also got an opportunity to explore the magnificent and unparalleled beauty of the island nation. The tourism authority offered all their visitors with best possible amenities in order to make their visit comfortable and memorable. 

The authorities tried their best to offer their visitors with an unforgettable experience filled with several facilities such as luxurious and comfortable suites, delicious food and excellent transportation services. With their continuous efforts, they are striving hard to make Trinidad and Tobago a perfect tourist destination for all the travellers. 

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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